Details about meals and services below!

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Sukkot "First Days" - October 16 & 17

Dinners - Join Rabbi Sarna and his family for a festive dinner in their Sukkah (310 3rd Avenue, 2nd floor) for first days meals. Dinner will begin at 7:30pm both nights.


Lunches - Grab lunch at the BC! We'll have snacks out on the first floor, and people should feel free to make a plate of food and head up to the 3rd floor Sukkah between 12 and 2pm


Shabbat is Parents' Shabbat weekend - October 21 & 22

Dinner - Rabbi Sarna and family are hosting in GCASL Parlor! See details and sign up here!

Lunch - We're in two places at once! One lunch will take place in the Sarna sukkah on 3rd Avenue and the other will be hosted by Rabbi Nikki DeBlosi and family in Brooklyn. Let us know you're coming!




Shemini Atzeret/Simchat Torah - October 23-25 (full schedule here)

This Shmini Atzeret & Simchat Torah, get involved in the most epic celebration Jews have seen downtown. Scratch that, what we're gonna do is crazier than getting involved. This Chag we're TURNING UP. 

Sunday Night:
5:45 PM Candle Lighting
5:45 PM Mincha / Maariv

Monday Day:
9:15 AM Shacharit
10:30 AM Yizkor
12:30 PM Lunch in Rabbi and Dr. Sarna's Sukkah (Gramercy Green Dorms: 310 3rd Ave)

Monday 24th:
5:45 PM Mincha
6:43 PM Maariv followed by HAKAFOT: UNLEASHED and Carlos and Gabby's dinner

Those interested in joining the egalitarian community uptown see below!

Tuesday 25th
9:15 AM Shacharit with hakafot, aliyot and kiddush
11:45 AM approx. Chattanim and Kallot
1:00 PM approx - THE ROASTING- Lunch sponsored by the honorees
5:45 Mincha
6:35 Maariv
6:43 Yom Tov ends


For Simchat Torah (Monday night) the egal community will dance, we'll sing, and we'll party like never before. On Simchat Torah we finish a full cycle of reading the Torah and celebrate by dancing with the Torahs!

Meet our very own Sarah Schecker at the Bronfman Center to leave at 6pm on the dot. 

Travel uptown to Julie Wichler's home (on the Upper West Side, conveniently located one block away from BJ) for snacks and hanging (on the roof if the weather is nice) You can also meet us at Julie's starting at 6pm!

We'll head out at 7:45pm to walk over to BJ (257 West 88th Street), so feel free to meet us there as well.

Be in touch with Miriam or Julie for any questions! Make sure to text Julie (201) 264 0390 day of if you need anything :)