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sukkah location:
bronfman center, 7 east 10th street
1st & 3rd & 4th floor patios


friday, October 11

10:00am sukkah building & decorating | 1st and 3rd floors
1:00pm sukkah building & decorating | 1st and 3rd floors

Tuesday, October 15

6:30pm jlf in the sukkah | 1st floor
7:30pm sweets in the sukkah | 3rd floor

wednesday, october 16

12:30pm leadership luncheon | 1st floor
3:30pm housing 101: a modern-day sukkot story | 1st floor
6:30pm jlf in the sukkah | 1st floor

thursday, October 17

12:30pm sustainability in the sukkah | 1st floor
3:00pm sign up for birthright | 1st floor
3:00pm take a break at the bc | 3rd floor
6:30pm jlf in the sukkah | 1st floor
8:00pm jlf2 in the sukkah | 1st floor
7:00pm kehillah sukkot dinner | 3rd floor

friday, October 18 | sukkot shabbat

6:00pm shalhevet services | 2nd floor
~7:00pm shalhevet kiddush and dinner | 1st floor
7:00pm kesher davening | 5th floor
7:00pm kehillah davening | 2nd floor
~8:15pm egalitarian community kiddush and dinner | 1st and 5th floors

Saturday, October 19 | sukkot shabbat

9:15am shalhevet services | 2nd floor
11:30am kiddush and lunch | 1st and 2nd floors
5:00pm kohelet class with rabbi joe
5:30pm mincha and seudah shilshit | 2nd floors

Shmini Atzeret and Simchat Torah

sunday, October 20

5:50pm evening services and kiddush in the sukkah | 2nd floor
7:00pm dinner at the k-caf (please donate a swipe in advance!) | weinstein hall, 5 university place

monday, October 21

9:15am shacharit with yizkor | 2nd floor
11:45am kiddush and lunch | 1st floor
5:45pm shalhevet services and celebration | 2nd floor
6:00pm freshman torah slam | 2nd floor
6:35pm ma'ariv followed by hakafot and dancing | 1st and 2nd floors
7:00pm kesher and kehillah simchat torah celebrations | 3rd floor
8:30pm dinner | 1st and 2nd floors

tuesday, October 22

9:15am shacharit | 2nd floor
10:15am hakafot and dancing | 1st floor
11:00am kiddush | 3rd floor
1:15pm lunch and senior roast | 1st floor
3:00pm mincha | 2nd floor
6:40pm ma’ariv | 2nd floor
6:47pm yom tov ends!