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Stop by the Bronfman Center Friday nights and Saturdays for good food, great company, and amazing vibes.


The Bronfman Center has an exciting schedule for April!

See the schedule below for April 13-14 - visiting students feel free to join any or all! 

Click here to join us for Shabbat for 2,000 on April 20th.

If you are interested in hosting a table for you and 9 friends, click here!


"on 10th" (7 east 10th street)
6:30 schmooze and candle lighting | 3rd floor

7:00 kesher reform services | 5th floor

7:00 kehillah conservative services | 2nd floor

8:10 "re-schmooze" and kiddush | 3rd floor

8:15 shabbat on 10ths dinner | 1st floor

8:15 a cappella shabbat dinner | 2nd floor

8:15 greek shabbat dinner | 5th floor

9:15 a cappella tisch | 2nd floor

9:30 s2k table captain dessert | 1st floor



"on the square" (238 thompson street, 5th floor)

7:15 mincha, kabbalat shabbat, maariv | 5th floor, colloquium room

8:15 shabbat on the square dinner | 5th floor, grand hall

shabbat day (all at Bronfman Center)
9:15 shacharit | 2nd floor

11:30 kiddush | 3rd floor

11:45 shabbat lunch | 1st floor

7:20 mincha, seudah shlishit

8:12 maariv, havdallah, dancing