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On may 10, 2019, 2,000 New York University students, alumni, parents, and friends will come together for a Shabbat dinner at NYU's Kimmel Center for University Life. Shabbat for 2000 (S2K) offers members of NYU’s diverse community the opportunity to share in a Shabbat experience. Shabbat for 2000 is the largest student-run event at NYU and the largest Jewish student event in the country.

Founded in 1996, New York University's Edgar M. Bronfman Center for Jewish Student Life engages one of the largest Jewish student populations in the United States. In the heart of Greenwich Village, the Bronfman Center creates open and pluralistic communities where students learn, celebrate, and explore both their identities and Jewish life.

Shabbat for 2000 is the Bronfman Center's signature annual event, NYU's largest annual event (outside of commencement), and the largest Jewish student-run event in the United States. The students of Hillel at NYU organize, plan, and execute the event. Shabbat for 2000 is sponsored in part by Hillel at nyu. 


+ Fast Facts

  • 20 years
  • 21,250 people met
  • 2,045 student leaders empowered
  • 158,600 oz of grape juice poured
  • 1.7 tons of challah eaten
  • 38 couples met and married

thank you to our s2k sponsors! 


+ History of Shabbat for 2000

In 1999, the last year of the millennium, a few NYU students along with Rabbi Eli Cohen launched Shabbat for 1000. Housed in the Puck Building, 650 NYU students, faculty, friends, and alumni broke bread for the landmark Shabbat dinner. As attendance continued to rise, eventually surpassing the 1000 mark, expansion was necessary.

In 2007, Shabbat for 2000 was established, simultaneously becoming the largest student-run event at NYU. Consistently reaching the 2000 registration mark each year, Shabbat for 2000 serves both the Jewish and broader NYU communities. Shabbat for 2000 is the largest Jewish student-run event in the country and has become a signature NYU event.

+ Why Shabbat for 2000

  • To showcase and bring together the diversity that makes up the Jewish student body at NYU, reflecting the pluralism our community maintains throughout the year
  • To develop and empower student leaders
  • To share a Shabbat experience with the broader NYU community


+ Do I need a copy of my ticket?

Yes. Entrance will not be permitted without the following:

  1. A printed copy of your ticket.
  2. A valid photo ID (student ID, state issued license, passport) with matching names.

+ What happens if I Iose my ticket?

No worries! Email us and we’ll send you a new one.

+ How do I cancel my registration?

If you are no longer able to attend Shabbat for 2000 please email us to let us know that you plan to cancel your registration.

+ How can I get involved in S2K?

From fundraising, to marketing, to event planning, there are many ways to become involved in S2K! Visit this page to learn more.

if you're interested in any of these, Email us!

+ Where do the leftovers go?

Each year, we donate all the left over food to local organizations. To get involved with organizing the donation, e-mail us!

+ Is there housing for the weekend?

We are not able to provide housing for the weekend, but in our contact section you can find a list of hotels in the area. Additionally, you can email Shalhevet at NYU, which may be able to help you find accommodations for the weekend.

+ How do I choose where to sit?

You can register to sit at any table with an open seat. Choose a name that sounds interesting, flip a coin, take a chance. The possibilities are endless. Or make your own table here!

+ Who can come to S2K?

Shabbat for 2000 is open to students from all universities, NYU alumni, parents, faculty and staff.

+ When is Shabbat for 2000?

Friday, May 10th, 2019 times are subject to change

6:30pm: The lobby of Kimmel and GCASL opens for entrance to services 7:00pm: Orthodox, Reform, and Kehilah (independent egalitarian) Services begin

8:00pm: The doors open for dinner. If you are eating in E&L, Ben Snow, Kimmel 405/406 you will enter through the Kimmel center (60 Washington Square South) If you are eating in Grand Hall, the Parlor, or GCASL 361, 369, 376, 379, 388, 461, 465 you'll enter through GCASL (238 Thompson Street)

8:15pm: Services end

8:30pm: Dinner begins in each room

9:45pm: Dessert reception

+ Where is Shabbat for 2000?

Metropolitan Pavilion located at 125 West 18th Street

+ What is a Table Host?

Table Hosts help make the show happen and play an integral role in S2K. As a Table Host, you invite nine friends to join you at your table, play an active role in the largest Jewish student-run event in the country, and create a meaningful Shabbat experience for you and your friends. Sign up here .

+ How will I find my table?

You can find your table a couple of ways:

  1. Check out the table map before leaving for the event.
  2. There will be additional table maps around the venue
  3. There will be individuals positioned throughout the building to help all guests find their tables and seats.