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schedule of events

yom kippur

tuesday, september 18th
6:30pm - kol nidre reform service begins (rosenthal, kimmel center 10th floor) 
6:30 PM - kol nidre orthodox service begins (kimmel 914) 
6:42pm - candle lighting

wednesday, september 19th
9:30am - orthodox morning service begins (kimmel 914)
10am- reform morning service begins (rosenthal, kimmel center 10th floor) 
12pm - orthodox yizkor service begins
12:30pm viduy: the gift of admission with downtown minyan rosh kehilla mijal bitton (kimmel 905/907)
Come explore the meaning behind the most important Mitzvah (commandment) of Yom Kippur: the Viduy! What does it mean to 'confess' our sins? Why is this important? Do we have to follow the classical text or can we make up our own Viduy? 
2pm - sandwich making in partnership with knock knock give a sock (kimmel 905/907)
We will be providing the opportunity to make sandwiches for our neighbors in need. A small delegation will bring them to the local homeless shelter. 

2pm- mindful eating: when fasting on yom kippur is triggering with rabbi nikki deblosi (kimmel 405)
The rabbis of Jewish tradition urge us to balance our obligation to fast on this solemn holiday with our obligation to care for our bodies and to preserve life. If past struggles with an eating disorder make fasting impossible for you, please join us for a ritual of self-care. We will eat small amounts of symbolically significant foods and recite words of blessing. Feel free to also bring your own food or drink so that you can eat in community and without judgment. Join with us and acknowledge how difficult it can be for some of us to truly care for our bodies: the only bodies we have. This event is intended to be a safe space for folks who must eat on this holy fast day.

3:15pm- wait... you're jewish and queer? An lgbtq yom kippur discussion (kimmel 405)
At Yom Kippur, it's hard not to think about the infamous Torah verse proclaimed annually on this holiday: "A man shall not lie with a man as he does with a woman; it is an abomination" (Leviticus 18:22). For some, this verse may imply that being Jewish and being queer just don't 'go together.' For some of us, though, that's just the truth of who we are--both/and: you're Jewish, and perhaps you identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer. Or perhaps you have an LGBTQ parent. Or perhaps you strive to be an ally. Move beyond the sometimes-crushing words of Leviticus and join us in an informal, safe-space discussion with others for whom Judaism and sexual orientation or gender identity have intertwined. This discussion isn't about Leviticus: it's about us.
5pm- beyond the whale: the lessons of jonah for an everyday world (kimmel 9th floor)
What often catches our attention in the story of Jonah is the presence of an otherworldly sea-creature which swallows but does not digest a human being. But what are the implications of the Jonah story for those of us who are not living in the belly of a fish? No less surprising is Jonah's endless resolve to resist God's notion of justice, a resistance which we aim to explore.
6:10pm - orthodox neilah
6:15 PM - reform yizkor/neilah service begins
7:39 PM - fast ends!
reserve your bagel at our break fast. 

Note: Conservative Services for Yom Kippur will be held in the Bronfman Center and are only open to students. Please email for more details!

All events are at the Kimmel Center (60 Washington Square South) unless otherwise noted. 

Have questions? E-mail us directly at!