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apply to be a story intern!

what is b|hive?

An internship opportunity for students seeking real-world media, marketing, and communications experience through a workshop-driven, storytelling-focused lens. 

A story collective requires a great deal of collaboration, with the goal of elevating the diverse narratives and perspectives of the bronfman center community through short-form video, still photography, and writing. 

The b|hive is a gathering place for folks looking to sharpen their storytelling skills, build creative portfolios, and connect with individuals on-and-offline.

what qualities do you look for in a story intern?

Previous experience in video, photography, or editorial is an important part of what we look for. This is definitely an internship for self-starters who have a lot of ideas - we are open to new ideas!

what have previous interns created?

Humans of the Bronfman Center, blog posts, videos, and amazing Instagram stories were all created by (or touched in some way by) our interns. 

what do story interns do?

overall intern responsibilities

  • attend bi-weekly b|hive meetings

  • attend at least 2 bronfman center events per month

  • share bronfman center content at least once a week (instagram, b|news, medium, facebook)

by type of intern

  • video

    • film and edit 1 video per month (events, spotlights, holidays, etc.) (no filming at shabbat or high holidays)

  • photo/live content

    • take 50 high quality photos per month (events, humans of the bc, etc.) 

    • post 1 photo on the bronfman center instagram each week

    • create an instagram story for events attended (no shabbats or high holidays)

  • editorial

    • write the LeaderSkimm each month

    • find 2 friends to write blogs each month (seek out a diverse array of contributors)