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we can't wait to meet you!

7 East 10th Street, NY, NY 10003
all events are located at the bc [bronfman center] unless otherwise indicated! 

Welcome Week Schedule 2019

sunday, 8/25

meet, greet, & nosh | 12-3pm
Take a break from schlepping boxes for bagels and a schmear: All are welcome! Meet the Bronfman Center fam and get a little taste of Jewish life on campus. rsvp to the event!

monday, 8/26

shot of 929 torah • 10am
Join our JLIC team & the NYU Kollel for coffee and our daily dose of Tanakh.

queer jewish brunch • 11:30am-12:30pm
Join Rabbi Nikki for a welcoming, inclusive brunch for folks who identify as both Jewish and LGBTQI+ or questioning. Chat with other folks about the intersection of our spiritual identities and our sexuality, gender, or gender expression. Rabbi Nikki can’t wait to welcome you to our Bronfman fam!

picnic…indoors? • 2:30-4pm
Have you ever had a picnic indoors? Now’s your chance! Come hang out on the first floor of the Bronfman Center for a lovely afternoon of new friends and snacking!

what does social justice mean to you? • 4:30-6:30pm
Passionate about Social Justice? Want to make your voice heard? Stop by Washington Square Park between the arch to tell us what Social Justice means to you and connect with Sarah, our Social Justice Fellow.

ShalOM • 7-8pm
Come unwind with some yoga at the Bronfman Center. Stretch your jitters away, enjoy the Jewish zen, and chillax. ShalOM.

tuesday, 8/27

jewish labor rights in washington square • 1-2:30pm
A tale of labor rights, women’s rights, and NYU history: Learn the forgotten history of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory with Rabbi Joe and Sarah.

tie dye • 2:30pm-4pm
Summer never ends if you have tie dye to wear year round! Come join us on the first floor of the Bronfman Center for an afternoon of tie dyeing and snacking.

jewish life AMA • 6-7:30pm
Have questions about the best study spots? The best place to sit at Washington Square Park? The Bronfman Center? Come hear from a panel of awesome students who want to answer all the questions you might have about Jewish life on campus!

wednesday, 8/28

music & mindfulness • 9:30am

Start your day centered, refreshed and fully present. Explore Jewish music and mindfulness in a meditation-meets-singy-Reform-services setting. Breakfast to follow.

jlic brunch • 11am-1pm
Come eat, meet and greet our JLIC Rabbinic couple Rabbi Joe & Corinne and get to know the Orthodox community at NYU!

nasty women study torah • 2:30-3:30pm
Consider yourself a #NastyWoman? Ever wondered what Judaism thinks about Feminism? Join Rabbi Nikki, NYU’s Reform Rabbi, for a conversation about Judaism and Feminism.

tel aviv grill • 6-8pm
Join us for some epic Mediterranean food, Israeli music, and friendly energy! You’ll be so entranced that you’ll swear you can feel Tel Aviv’s sand between your toes.

thursday, 8/29

let’s talk about sex, jewishly • 9:30-11:30am
Not quite like the Salt and Peppa original, but almost. Come join Rabbi Nikki DeBlosi, our Reform and LGBTQ+ community Rabbi, for a conversation about sex grounded in Jewish text and thought. Coffee and light breakfast.

shot of 929 torah • 10-11am

mezuzah making • 12-2pm
Join R.Nikki and Corinne for some awesome Mezuzah Making for your new home on campus!

cookie decorating • 2:30-4pm
Get an afternoon sugar rush with some classic cookie decorating and lots of snacking at the most beautiful brownstone in the Village.

shabbat • friday, 8/30

shabbat happy hour • 6:15pm
Come schmooze, chat about your crazy week, and meet new people so you have a friend at services!

shabbat evening services • 7:15pm
Whether it’s your first time or hundredth time our Welcome Week Ambassadors and staff will welcome you with open arms. Reform & Kehilah (traditional egalitarian) services will be held at Bronfman. Orthodox services will be held on the 5th floor of GCASL (238 Thompson Street).

welcome week shabbat dinner • 8:15pm
Join us for the first of Bronfman Center’s free and weekly university-wide Friday night dinners. Roommates and friends welcome! Two locations: egalitarian communities at the Bronfman Center; Orthodox community on the 5th floor at 238 Thompson Street.

dessert reception • 9:30pm @ the bc

saturday, 8/31

shabbat morning services • 9:15am
Services start at 9:15, but if you get there at 10 we promise you won’t be the only one. As always, Bronfman services are student-led, inspiring, reflective, and beautiful. Followed by kiddush.

community shabbat lunch at the Sarna home • 12pm
Our beloved Bronfman Center Executive Director and University Chaplain Rabbi Yehuda Sarna hosts Shabbat lunch for the entire community at his family’s home in Gramercy Green Residence Hall. Meet folks from our community, chat with Rabbi Sarna, and chill with the whole fam! RSVP to reserve your spot.

mincha & seudah shlishit • 6:50pm
Food and song as Shabbat departs and we head into our first week at NYU!

egalitarian havdalah @ Rabbi Nikki’s • 7pm

Close out Shabbat with NYU’s Egalitarian community at Rabbi Nikki’s Brooklyn home with her wife and two (adorbs) kids. We’ll have dessert & snacks, maybe a walk through our neighborhood, and chill together. If you have an instrument, feel free to bring it along. Meet at Bronfman at 7pm to travel over together.