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the struggle is(real)

This is your open invitation to get real with us about Israel. What is the alignment or tension between the Israel we imagine and the Israel we hear about? If you have any feelings about this question, we need your voice in the conversation. Come join the struggle.


week 1 - welcome to the struggle

Struggling with the whole idea of Israel: Jewish people, Jewish state, Jewish place? Turns out, you’re not alone. And the struggle has been real for a very long time.

week 2 - in the beginning, it was religious?

What makes folks feel so connected to (or repelled by) the idea of Israel? We’ll think about our own stories as well as stories from the Jewish people over time. What is the place of Israel and Jerusalem in the Jewish imagination? In Jewish reality?

week 3 -opinions vs. values

“Dialogue” around Israel too often devolves into polarization. Can we begin to sift through positions and opinions so that we can come to understand our own values when it comes to Israel? How can we take the space and the time to figure out what really matters to us?

week 4 - what (and whose) is zionism?

Who defines “Zionism”? Where does the term come from? Does it still mean what it once meant? And what does it mean to us?

week 5 - x happened; can there be justice?

How can we cope with the harsh realities of past (and present) persecution, battle, war, and terrorism? We will examine different perspectives

week 6 -  judaism’s external struggle: two people, one land

Let’s take a look at the borders, the disputes, the realities on the ground. Engage with the struggle: two people have a claim to one land.

week 7 - the walls of jerusalem

There’s only so much that we can see as we are on one side of a barrier. In this class we shine an intentional light on some of the important walls that have shaped Jerusalem for thousands of years and look at them from a bird’s eye view.

week 8: anti-semitism or anti-zionism

What do these terms mean? How do these two terms interact, overlap, and remain unique. Can they remain unique?  

week 9: it’s your struggle

Is there a topic we haven’t covered, or questions still lingering from a past session? We’ll carve out some time to dig deeper.

week 10 - the struggle continues

This ten week class is not at all meant to be exhaustive, it’s meant to be an avenue for which to build patterns to continue to struggle on your own. We dive into questions you feel you are still lingering with and wrap up with a commitment to engaging the struggle outside of this framework.