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We'll be hosting multiple seders on Friday, April 19th and Saturday, April 20th.

Please RSVP - all seders are free of charge for students. 



friday, april 19th

tonight, everyone’s family!

8 pm,  bronfman center 1st floor
your host, the bronfman community’s very own omer hit, brings his israeli family traditions to this accessible, chill, and participatory seder. no previous knowledge necessary. tonight, we’re all family!

feminist seder

8 pm,  bronfman center 5th floor
a student-hosted and student-led seder exploring the role of women in the story of the exodus and honoring feminist values.

traditional seder

8:20 pm, bronfman center 2nd floor
looking for a seder that reaches all the traditional elements in a way that’s warm, welcoming, and accessible to folks of all backgrounds? rabbi joe and corinne host a seder that will make you feel right at home.



saturday, april 20th 

exodus: nyu's annual queer seder

7:30 pm Kimmel Center Room 914
join keshet (lgbtq+ jews @ nyu), the bronfman center, and the nyu lgbtq center as we gather lgbtq folks and our allies for exodus: nyu's annual queer seder, a not-quite-traditional exploration of yetziah (exodus/coming out). celebrate the story of passover with ritual, food, songs, and stories. we dedicate the traditional four cups of the holiday to experiences of exodus/coming out. all are welcome. for more information contact rabbi nikki deblosi ( registration required. doors close at 8 pm.

 friday, april 26th

passover shabbat | 6:30 pm, bronfman center

Screen Shot 2019-04-15 at 8.35.01 AM.png

Join us on 10th for Shabbat as usual, but with a Passover-friendly menu!

sunday, april 28th

mimouna | TBD, bronfman center 1st floor

Enjoy homemade Moroccan treats at this traditional celebration to mark the end of Passover.