Wednesday nights, 6:15pm - 7:45pm

Ever feel like those photos you took on your spring break to Ghana had greater implications than you got to discuss? How has Jewish tradition grappled with the need to assist those in need? How do we navigate the seemingly unlimited opportunities available to make a difference in today’s world? Sometimes it feels like our socially aware, postmodern beliefs are completely distinct from our Jewish identities. In this seminar, we seek to cultivate thoughtful discussion and radically honest reflection about the intersection of Judaism and social justice.


Miriam Liebman



Week 1 - How Big is Your Story? September 12

Week 2 - A Beloved Community September 19

Week 3 - Rest as a Form of Activism September 26

Week 4 - Can love make a difference? October 3

Week 5 - #privilege October 17

Week 6 - When do we "pass"? October 31

Week 7 - Does them vs. we exist? November 7

Week 8 - Judaism says _, but I say _. November 14

Week 9 - Intersectionality November 21

Week 10 - What Next? November 28