Frequently Asked Questions

How is JLF different from other programs?

JLF is run by the Bronfman Center for Jewish Student Life. We are a department of Student Affairs at NYU. All our faculty and staff work for NYU or are grad students at NYU. You can get a stipend for participating in JLF, if you like. We are also a pluralistic, non-denominational organization. We do not believe there is “one right way to be Jewish.” Put simply, our goal is to get you to ask “big questions” about being Jewish, not to give you “big answers.” We also have a cooler looking logo. 


What is the best way to reach Arielle about a question or concern about JLF?

Fax, preferably one of those fax machines with the curly, slick paper. Or, through a telegraph message. Arielle can also be reached by carrier pigeon, Friendster, telex, and cable. She will sometimes respond to yodeling, when done in the classic, Alpine style. Or, email! Arielle will return your email very promptly.


What do I have to do to earn the $300 stipend?

It’s only about the money for you, huh? To receive the stipend you must

• Attend all ten sessions on time and attentively
• Attend a Shabbat evening experience


What do I do if I cannot attend a class?

We ask you to do 100 push-ups and a lap around the soccer field. If you miss two, you miss recess. Or, You can email Arielle ASAP detailing which class (title and date) you’ll be missing, and we will make an arrangement for you to make up the class.


Who is eligible to apply for the fellowship?

All undergraduate students attending New York University, the New School, the Fashion Institute of Technology, Pace University, Cooper Union, and the School for Visual Arts.


How many fellows are there?

Each seminar will have 20-25 fellows.