The Jewish Learning Fellowship (JLF)

is a 10-week seminar with three different options for undergraduate students that meets on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights at the Bronfman Center. While JLF is a program rooted in Jewish study and in Jewish community, it is open to all students at NYU. We do not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation.

We make no claims about the “right” way to practice or not to practice Judaism – our job is to help you explore the tradition in a safe space, and find your own place, on your terms, in Judaism’s Great Conversation.

Thank you thank you thank you JLF. You have been such a gift and pleasure.
— Fall 2013 Fellow
I’m really happy I had the chance to be in this class! I wish I wasn’t graduating so I could do it again!
— Spring 2014 Fellow
This class should really be taught to everyone – it is very special and rewarding.
— Fall 2014 Fellow
One of the best classes I have ever taken at NYU.
— Spring 2015 Fellow