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what is the interfaith entrepreneur fellowship?

started in 2016, the interfaith entrepreneur fellowship (ief) is a year long fellowship that aims to train jewish student leaders in partnership and coalition-building with other religious and spiritual communities on campus. ief positions the jewish community on campus to act as the conveners of interfaith action and go-to partners of other student clubs aiming to connect with the wider student body. ief is an opportunity for student leaders to engage deeply with what it means to be an ally. what do we know about other communities? what are the goals we set for ourselves when attempting to forge ties with others, and how well do we listen to the issues most important to them?

fellows embark on a "listening tour," focusing on building relationships with other students on campus and gaining a deeper understanding of their campus landscape. fellows listen for opportunities to collaborate with other faith groups, organize the jewish community to show up and support their peers, and create structural change in interfaith engagement on their campus. fellows also have the opportunity to apply for funds to help support the creation of interfaith actions, undertaken in collaboration with other faith groups on campus.

fellows receive guidance and support from experts in the interfaith arena and a stipend for fulfilling the responsibilities of the fellowship.

successes of previous fellows include:

  • dedication of new interfaith space and founding of interfaith club at hunter college

  • fellow at john jay honored with community service and leadership award at commencement

  • last year, 1300 students attended 36 ief events held across 6 campuses.

  • creation of a sustainable, replicable model of engagement to solve the issue of jewish lack of engagement with other religious and ethnic groups

in 2018-2019,  ief fellows are creating interfaith change at:

  • american university

  • baruch college

  • brooklyn college

  • brown university

  • city college of new york

  • college of staten island

  • hunter college

  • john jay college of criminal justice

  • the ohio state university

  • uc berkeley

  • uc san diego

  • ucla

  • university of miami

Proud Partner 1917-2017 UJA Federation

apply for the ief program.

for more information about ief, please contact Sara aeder at

ief is grateful to uja-federation of new york for their generous support.