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Dedicated to creating meaningful programming and community engagement for students all around the world, the Bronfman Center actively runs several global programs, including a Global Ambassador program, European Graduate Fellowship and more! 



+ What is a Global Ambassador?

A Global Ambassador is a student who is part of our community, studying away for the semester and engaging in Jewish life on his or her respective study away site. Over the course of the semester, Global Ambassadors plan events such as communal Shabbat meals and connect other students with local Jewish resources, especially for the holidays.

+ How do I become a Global Ambassador?

If you are interested in learning more about the program and applying to become a Global Ambassador, the application can be found here

+ What other Global programs does the Bronfman Center have?

Actively committed towards building a global network of opportunities and engagement, the Bronfman Center facilitates a number of global programs. In addition to the Global Ambassadors, the Bronfman Center recently hosted the Campus Influencers Seminar and Global Fellows.

+ Who are the Bronfman Center Global Fellows?

The Bronfman Center Global Fellows are a group of 6 young Jewish community leaders from Hungary, the United Kingdom, Russia, France, Germany and Mexico coming together to learn about the global Jewish landscape, coalition building and community organizing. The fellowship begins with them joining us for a week in New York to attend the World Jewish Congress's Plenary Assembly as well as meet with several consul generals and Jewish representatives at AJC, UJA, AIPAC and more. The Fellows are then coming back together at the AJC Global Forum in June to continue their learning and engagement.

+ What is the Campus Influencers Seminar?

The Campus Influencers Seminar is a new program that the Bronfman Center introduced in January of 2017 and featured 25 student leaders of diverse faith backgrounds, political beliefs, on-campus involvement and more coming together on a trip to Israel. Over the course of 10 days, the group met with a variety of political leaders, authors, activists, businessmen and more, learning about the region's history and actively engaging with the opportunities and challenges it faces today. If you are interested, you can read more about the seminar here

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