Friday, February 22, 2013 - 6:00pm

Bronfman Center

Come celebrate Shabbat with us at the Bronfman Center. There are many meal and service options that we know you'll love!


5:25 pm - Orthodox Services (Grand Hall, GCASL)

                 Partnership Minyan (461, GCASL)

5:30 pm - Tradtional Egalitarian Services (Bronfman Center, 2nd Floor)

6:00 pm - Progressive Minyan (Bronfman Center, 3rd Floor)

6:55 pm - Come enjoy a traditional Shabbat meal in Weinstein.

7:00 pm - Come to a festive Persian- themed Shabbat dinner with the Iranian Jewish Club at NYU, Rabbi Dan, and Rabbi Jeremy (Bronfman Center, 1st Floor)



9:15 am - Morning services (2nd Floor, BC)

11:15 am - Kiddush (1st floor, BC)

11:40 am - Shiur (2nd floor, BC)

12:30 pm - Lunch at Rabbi and Dr. Sarna's apartment in Gramercy Green (310 3rd Avenue) RSVP here.

5:15 pm - Mincha and seudah shlishit (2nd floor, BC)

6:25 pm - Maariv/Havdalah (2nd floor, BC)

7:15 pm - Megillah Reading (GCASL, C95)

9:30 pm - make up Megillah reading (Bronfman Center)