Apply to be a Bronfman Center Engagement Intern 2013-2014

Apply to be a Bronfman Center Engagement Intern 2013-2014 
Tuesday, March 12, 2013 - 12:59am

Job Description for Bronfman Center Engagement Interns (BCEI)
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The Bronfman Center for Jewish Student Life at NYU aims to provide the framework for students to forge meaningful, responsible, committed, adult Jewish lives so they may enrich the Jewish people and the world. We affirm the importance of:

1. Respecting the diversity of Jewish practice and belief.
2. Committing to the global Jewish community.
3. Responding to the call to service at the heart of Jewish life.
4. Cultivating a love of Jewish learning.
5. Engaging a Jewish mentor.
6. Belonging to a Jewish social network.
7. Living a life sanctified by the Jewish calendar.

We measure our success in the number of student lives transformed over four years.

This year, the Bronfman Center is hiring a team of Engagement Interns who will take on significant responsibility within this dynamic organization, to expand our reach into new communities and social networks.  Engagement Interns will leave this job with extensive experience in community organizing, social media communication, and non-profit management.  

Engagement Interns will be responsible for the following:

I.  Meeting and engaging 60 contacts during the course of the year. Interns will meet these students and connect them to Bronfman Centering offerings. 

II. Maintaining a social media presence for part of the Bronfman Center’s programming.  This includes a regular tweets and blogging. 

III.  Serving as a staff member in good standing of the Bronfman Center at

i.  Staff meetings
ii.  Public events
iii.  Major initiatives such as Shabbat for 2000.

Interns should plan to be at NYU’s Washington Square campus for the full academic year. Preference will be given to applicants who will be sophomores in the fall of 2013. Each intern will receive a $500 stipend per semester.

Interns will be sent to an all-expenses-paid training conference at Washington University in St. Louis, MO from July 31st – August 4th, 2013 with over 800 other national campus leaders.

Ideal Interns should be:

o Outgoing.
o Socially and emotionally intelligent.
o Competent, responsible and reliable.
o Able to work well with a team.
o Willing to explore their Jewish identity and learn from their peers.

All applicants should submit a resume and two references. Applications are due by March 11th. With questions, contact Erica Frankel at

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