The holidays are over, but Shabbat never stops! See the schedule below! 

And if your family is in town for the weekend, bring them along!


"on 10th" (7 east 10th street)

6:30pm - schmooze | 3rd floor

7pm - kesher: reform services | 5th floor

7pm - kehillah: traditional egalitarian services | 2nd floor

8:15 - 'reschmooze', kiddush, dinner | 3rd floor, 2nd floor, 1st floor

9:15pm - stories and singing at the "tisch" | 1st floor

"on the square" (238 thompson street, 5th floor)

6pm - mincha, kabbalat shabbat, maariv | colloquium room

7pm - shabbat dinner | grand hall