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Throughout CLIP we were challenged to make an impact. We were challenged to learn not only about our community and our peers, but to learn about ourselves. In college, it is very common to feel lost. And before CLIP, I was at a point in my life full of uncertainty. But through my work experience, numerous Friday seminars, Monday night learning sessions, and a weekend Shabbaton leading me to conversations and friendships, I have found my worth, my ability professionally, and a strong drive to return back to New York and work alongside Jewish professionals post graduation.
— Charlotte Frischman, CLIP 2016

The Internship

We believe there are two essential ingredients to start your dream career:  job experience and a vibrant network of peers and professionals. The Collegiate Leadership Internship Program (CLIP) is a paid summer internship experience in New York City that seeks to foster and develop professional and lay leadership in the Jewish community. CLIP matches undergraduate students who have an interest in pluralistic Jewish life and culture with engaging, substantive internships at a variety of public and private sector employers, where they are provided with mentorship and guided development of new skills.


clip is open to rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors from any school in any location.  Applicants must commit to living within a commutable distance from NYC for the summer.

application process:

  1. Apply to CLIP: New York and submit the non-refundable $20 application processing fee.

  2. CLIP reviews your application and reaches out about next steps.

  3. CLIP forwards top applicants to a second interview with internship placements. Matches are based on the candidate’s interests and needs of the partner organizations.

  4. Placement supervisor and proposed candidate meet and mutually confirm the match.

  5. Intern signs contract within 7 days of offer and receives information about the best summer of their lives.


What are important dates to know? 

application opens: end of November

priority deadline: January 31, 2020

after January 31st, applications will be considered on a rolling basis.

CLIP dates: June 1 - August 12

orientation: June 1 - 2

first day of work: June 3

last day of work: August 11

closing ceremony: August 12

so you said interns get paid? 

CLIP interns get paid a $2,500 stipend, in two installments, for their work throughout the summer. This stipend is dependent on interns meeting all of the goals set in their signed contract. 

What are interns doing monday-thursday?

Each internship placement is different, as interns take on different roles in each organization based on their professional interests and the skills they want to gain for their future career. clip recommends that internship placements clerical work to make up 30% or less of a full portfolio. 

What are friday Seminars?

On Fridays the CLIP cohort meets to dive into topics covering holistic leadership, identity development, professional advancement, feedback & active listening, community development, and education & encounters. Interns are encouraged to take an active role in leading and facilitating a number of these sessions throughout the summer.

What makes clip So Much More Than Just an Internship?

As a part of the 10-week program, CLIP interns participate in a peer-organized Shabbaton (weekend retreat), an afternoon of volunteer work, and a site visit to an agency in a professional field of interest. 

The Shabbaton is the highlight of the summer. The group spends all day Friday and Saturday together at a retreat center, returning to New York on Sunday afternoon. Student committees meet during CLIP seminars to plan the ritual, social, and educational components of the weekend.

what's the deal with Pluralism?

At CLIP, we believe that conversations are the most robust—and learning the deepest—when there are multiple perspectives and experiences gathered around the table. In that vein, CLIP strives to cultivate a cohort of talented individuals representative of the diversity of the Jewish community and welcomes (and requires!) applicants from all Jewish backgrounds.

where have interns worked in the past?

This list is good example of past sites. 

is there life After CLIP?

We hold several alumni events throughout the year, so interns are able to reconvene with their cohort beyond the summer. In the past we have organized alumni reunions, CLIP delegations to LimmudNY, and hosted one or more alumni tables at the Bronfman Center’s annual Shabbat for 2000. During the summer program we bring current interns together with alumni in career-mixers and an optional intern-alumni Shabbaton.


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