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What is the age range of CLIP interns?

CLIP: New York – an eligible applicant must be a rising sophomore, junior, or senior.

CLIP: Onward Israel – an eligible applicant must be a rising sophomore or older, including graduate students.


What is a seminar?

Each week interns take one day to come together for a content-day. Seminars typically last from 9:00 to 5:30 and include a combination of peer-led sessions, lectures/Q&As with prominent guest speakers, professional development or identity-related exercises, and guided processing of work-related successes and challenges. Past seminar topics have included “Inclusiveness, Access, and Identity in the Jewish Community,” “Jewish Education: The Whole Person and the Whole Community,” “Unpacking the Alphabet Soup of the Organized Jewish Community,” and “Oh, The Places You’ll Go: Networking & Composing Your Career.”


Where are seminars located?

CLIP: New York – Seminars take place at CLIP’s home (The Bronfman Center for Jewish Student Life at NYU), and at many of our partner locations. In 2013 and 2014, sites included FEGS Health & Human Services, UJA-Federation of New York, the Museum of Jewish Heritage, a retreat to URJ Kutz Camp and Camp Ramah Nyack, and many other sites.

CLIP: Onward Israel – Seminars take place around the country. These days are a great way to get to know the various communities throughout Israel.


Do CLIP interns receive stipends?

CLIP: New York – all interns receive a stipend of $2,300 upon completion of all contract requirements (one installment at the half-way point, and one after closing ceremony).

CLIP: Onward Israel – while this internship is not stipended, the experience is subsidized at approximately 70%, equivalent to a substantial stipend. Housing, food, programmatic costs, and transportation within Israel are provided by funding from the Jewish Agency for Israel, UJA-Federation of New York, and the Bronfman Center for Jewish Student Life at NYU.


Is CLIP looking for any particular Jewish education in its applicants?

We believe that conversations are the most robust – and learning the deepest – when there are multiple perspectives and experiences gathered around the table. In that vein, CLIP strives to cultivate a cohort of individuals representative of the diversity of the Jewish community.


Who determines our internship placements? 

CLIP: New York – CLIP has relationships with organizations in various fields and will place you in an internship based on your interview and application, and the needs of our partners. Your placement is contingent upon a second round interview with your proposed supervisor.

You are not guaranteed a second placement if you do not believe the proposal is a good match. You are, however, guaranteed a position on our very active wait-list. CLIP recommends consulting with the staff to determine their reasons for placement and consider the benefits before making a decision.

CLIP: Onward Israel – After advancing to a second round interview with our partners in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, you will work with them to determine an appropriate internship. They have relationships with countless organizations in all fields and are well-known for finding you the perfect placement. As with CLIP: New York, your final confirmation will only come after an interview with the organization itself.


With whom does CLIP: New York place interns?

CLIP’s partners change each year and no list for a given year is available until late March or early April when actual matches are confirmed. The best indicator for a given year’s placements is to look at the previous two years’ partners. Because CLIP seeks placements as applicant interviews are happening, we encourage applications from all fields as it may influence where we search.


Do I have to live in New York?

CLIP: New York – You must commit to finding housing and living in New York for the duration of the program. While CLIP staff can help connect you to NYU Summer Housing, we cannot arrange any living situations. Historically, participants have lived with family, in dorms, or sought housing via Craigslist or another website.

CLIP: Onward Israel – You must be a student or have a permanent resident in New York City, Weshchester, or Long Island to apply.