Classifieds Post for the New York Zen Center

Proposed Schedule: Monday - Friday

Time: 10am-5pm

Schedule is negotiable

Direct Manager: Mary Remington

Mary’s cell: 917 753 1912

The New York Zen Center For Contemplative Care is looking for an intern to start on the last week of July or the first week of August through December.

General Duties Overview include assistance with numerous internal management systems, contracts, general marketing, supporting administrative needs within Continuing Education for social workers and nurses, and helping with large projects and events.

· Supporting new Foundations in Contemplative Care students, and our Chaplain students (student management, communications).

Assisting with social media marketing, targeted marketing initiatives for our programming

· Data importing and assistance with Salesforce interface

· Stewarding the front desk and helping oversee Center for a portion of time every day

· Donation campaign assistance, review of 108 Memberships at NYZCCC, overseeing start dates and end dates of membership, assisting in communication outreach to donors

· Transcriptions and transcription management

· Research into grants, and potential writing projects

NYZCCC invites our intern to join in daily meditation practice from 1230-1pm with the staff is s/he is so inclined. We encourage personal practice toward mindfulness, and that the fruits of that practice is shared and manifested within the work community and environment. We feel this translation of practice to action is one of the most special qualities of working with NYZCCC, one that we each hold with mindful hands, in our unique ways, together. --

Candace Braude New York Zen Center for Contemplative Care Education Intern 119 W. 23rd Street, #401, NYC, 10011