Help us make a film about an older Anne Frank!

Help us make a film about an older Anne Frank!

The script for Ruth's was chosen as an official selection at the Back in the Box competition. It was also an official selection of the NYC Independent Film Festival (where it was a part of a reading event) and a nominee at the upcoming Toronto International Film and Video Awards, showing that there' is anticipation for the story to be told before it has even been produced.

The film follows a family's visit to their grandmother's house for a Seder during Passover. Later that night the granddaughter catches her grandma watching a news story about recently discovered facts regarding Anne Frank's death, and confronts her about something she had suspected for years – that her grandma is Anne Frank.

The story is inspired by an official study by the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. We contacted them and they, too are eager to help, calling the story daring and interesting.

More about the filmmakers:

Chen Drachman (producer, screenplay, actress) is an Israeli-American. She has been living in NYC for six years and became a permanent resident through an application of excellence in the field of production. Chen is an actress and a writer with scripts that have been both finalists and official selections in festivals throughout the United States and Canada. She was a film and TV major in Israel (graduated with honours) and an acting major in NYC.

The story of *Ruth's *is especially relevant to Chen who is a third generation to holocaust survivors. We would love the chance to bring this "what if" story to life, and to encourage the viewers to have a meaningful conversation about the themes, to read and research more about the holocaust and stories of survivors.

We are fiscally sponsored by From the Heart, a non-profit, so all donations are tax-deductible!

We're still in need of donations in order to make this film from a script to a reality, so we're trying to spread the word.

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Many thanks

"Ruth's" team