Fellowship Opportunities in DC-area

After I graduated from NYU in 2014, I started working at RespectAbility, a national, nonpartisan nonprofit that advocates with and for people with disabilities (http://respectabilityusa.com/). Our main issues revolve around employment and stigma issues. Our National Leadership Program is a fellowship for people with and without disabilities who are interested in public policy, communications, media, fundraising, and the nonprofit sector, both in the Jewish community and elsewhere. We are located in Rockville, MD (accessible to DC via public transportation), and we are currently recruiting for spring and/or summer fellows. Fellows can receive a transportation stipend or a paid fellowship through our Harriet Tubman Fellowship.

More information, including how to apply, is here: http://respectabilityusa.com/about-us/career-opportunities/the-national-leadership-program/ 
and here: http://respectabilityusa.com/2016/12/respectability-receives-grant-from-ford-foundation-to-create-harriet-tubman-fellowships/