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The Bronfman Center is hiring three Birthright Israel interns who will take on significant responsibility within this dynamic organization in order to transform and expand our reach to Jewish students through recruitment for Birthright. Birthright Interns will leave this experience with knowledge in relationship-based engagement, community organizing, and project management.


  • Recruit 20 students to participate in NYU’s official Birthright trip through:

    • Creating a public presence on NYU’s campus.

    • Meeting with students in one-on-one coffee dates to talk about Birthright.

    • Developing unique and innovative recruitment and marketing methods!

  • Commit 2-3 hours per week to this endeavor.

Who We are Looking to Hire:

  • People who have been on Birthright and are motivated to invite other students to participate.

  • People who are confident speaking to new people.

  • sophomores, juniors, or seniors

$300 stipend per semester upon successful completion of their benchmarks.