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global ambassadors

what does it mean to be a global ambassador?

One of the unique features of Judaism is that while many of its norms and commandments apply to the individual Jew, they are usually articulated in the context of the collective. As a result, we can truly engage in Jewish life and history through belonging to the collective, the Global Jewish Peoplehood – Am Yisrael. This conception of the Jews as a People is one distinguishing feature of Judaism


The Bronfman Global Ambassadors program is an undergraduate study abroad fellowship for students committed to Global Jewish Peoplehood. Ambassadors serve as the liaisons between their abroad campus population, the local site director, local community contacts and opportunities introduced by KAHAL: Your Jewish Home Abroad Staff.   Working in tandem with the Bronfman Center and KAHAL, Global Ambassadors will connect Jewish students abroad with local resources and events. 

What will you gain?

  • A truly immersive study-abroad semester as you learn the ins and outs of your local community and build a uniquely Jewish global citizenship.

  • The experience of working with a startup Jewish organization and creating Jewish life for students abroad who would not other seek it out

  • A cohort of leaders and an international professional network

  • Valuable leadership skills including community organizing, event planning & management of strategic partnerships

Global Ambassadors will:

  • Have the opportunity to attend subsidized conferences and other travel opportunities while abroad

  • Facilitate at least one Shabbat experience (either your own or bringing a group to an existing dinner) and initiate one other cultural event that brings American students together with Jewish peers in your new city

  • Plan and attend monthly Google Hangouts with the cohort, Bronfman Staff and Kahal Team to process, reflect and discuss strategies and programs with an emphasis on leadership development

  • Attend a leadership training session prior to departure (late August)

  • Participate in a Global Ambassador Leadership Summit in location TBD (likely Europe)

Basic Responsibilities:

  • The intern shall connect each student identified with the KAHAL: Your Jewish Home Abroad team, encouraging sign-up in KAHAL’s Mobilize platform through Facebook or email;

  • The intern shall log all interactions with each student, including coffee dates, conversations, and events they attended

  • Monthly Global Ambassador Calls

  • Global ambassador will connect regularly with his/her supervisor at KAHAL  to share progress, as well as receive support and guidance.;

  • Upon Arrival: Global Ambassador will have a shabbat experience of their choice coordinated by KAHAL.

  • Next, the intern till work with KAHAL to  create and host a “study abroad welcome event” with the local community, and coordinated with NYY Site advisor to reach a larger audience. Local students will be invited through KAHAL. 

Who should apply? 

  • Self-starting undergraduates planning to study abroad in Fall 2018 who have a passion for Jewish community building.

  • Passionate study abroad students who feel comfortable meeting new local contacts in cities throughout the world from all different Jewish backgrounds

  • Individuals who thrive at engaging their peers and providing information about local events. 


Questions? Email corinne Shmuel at



Bronfman Global is supported by UJA-Federation of New York and KAHAL.